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Car Ramps

Part #00021
Pro Ramp 12,000 LB Vehicle Ramp Set

Scepter's Pro Ramps provide a quick and easy way to safely lift your vehicle for service or repair. Their unique grid design allows water, snow and dirt to fall through making them ideal for use in all weather. The ramps have a parabolic arch running through the centre to support and distribute weight up to 12,000 lbs/5,400 kg per pair.

Safety & Compliance

For assembly and instructions watch the videos Easy Flo and Eco Spout

Gasoline Danger
Diesel Danger

Extremely Flammable

Vapors can EXPLODE when ignited by a spark or flame source many feet away.

  • Keep away from flame, pilot lights, stoves, heaters,eletric motors and other sources of ignition.
  • Keep out of reach of children and direct sunlight
  • Do not store in vehicle or living space
  • Store in well ventilated area
  • Use outdoors only
  • Do not smoke when using container
  • Keep container closed when not in use

vapors Harmful to lungs if inhaled

  • Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors

Poison Harmful or Fatal if swallowed

  • If swallowed Do not induce vomiting, call physician immedately, do not siphon by mouth